GDC 2017


So, Luz Mala is a new development studio, Calihue is our first game together but we are going far. We are aiming to the sky with this game because we wholeheartedly believe in it.
We are well aware that this journey is really hard, so we take each step with careful consideration.


Going to GDC this year means a lot for us, first we will meet many developers that are just like us, doing the thing they love most. Then, we are showing our creation to the game industry. Trial by fire.
Attending an event like this, shows us that we are here to win, to show the world that Luz Mala is not just a dream, but a reality. If we can get other developers like the game the same way we like it, we are doing something right. And if we can't do that, I know we will learn plenty of things along the way.

GDC 2017 now

We hope to meet great people on this incredible event and get the strength to carry on. As long as the days go by, we will be updating our news with everything from GDC.