Why Calihue?


This is the first entry in our Devlog, my name is Pedro, I am creative director of Calihue, Luz Mala´s first videogame as a team. Through our devlog, you will be able to accompany us during our whole process of making Calihue, a game that is really important for us, but is specially done for you, gamers avid of new content with rich stories and cool style.

Why Calihue

So it begins…

Our team spent some time wondering which was going to be our first game, the game that shows what we would like as a studio. Something was very clear for us, we wanted to make a game that could show the whole world aspects of Latin American culture, a lovely and varied culture with which we have a strong bond.
Several concepts went through, with different styles and stories, we couldn´t decide. It was not until I took some vacations to the city of Mendoza, Argentina. There I could experience the quiet landscapes of one of the most beautiful mountainous places in Argentina. There is a place in Mendoza, called “Isidris Stone”, for some it is an energetic center where they even claim that they experience extraordinary phenomena.
My experience there was indeed, inspiration. The stories told there of this stone that was connected to a distant point in the universe, gave me the initial push to create Calihue. It is an alien world, like in the stories, a distant place somehow connected to our Earth and inspired by Latin American mythology.
From there everything started growing to become what Calihue is nowadays. Many places in our game and several characters are the result of our journey to investigate our own continent.
We want to show everyone kind enough to play our games what we learnt discovering the places where we live. As a studio, we hope this is the beginning of great stories. Having the possibility to have people from all over the world experience what we did through our investigation journeys, is our greatest goal.

Our next Devlog will be a special one, we will show a technical demo teaser, showing some things from our game. Then we will backtrack and see how we got there.