So far…


Going a little bit to the future we can see how the development of Calihue grew. We got there with very hard work and many hours of our small team put into it.
The best thing about this beautiful trip is the passion I see in every member of the team putting into the game. When I first brought to them the game idea, I thought it would be just work for them, another game.
Boy I was wrong!
Every time I tried to tell them the game was theirs, they had to put as much of them as they felt into the game so it made them feel it was their creation, everyone giving birth to this child all at the same time.
This could all happen thanks to our shared vision of what we like to do, and what we expect in our games.

Of course, this video shows a development build, something really far from the final product we have in the works, but going from a simple idea to this technical demo, is a long journey for us.